Menu for April 20-21 now LIVE!

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Pretty excited that our fourth week of meals have gone out today and will head to Saint John tomorrow.  We were super pleased with how the meals turned out this week and can't wait to hear how everyone liked them.  

This week's menu is now Live, make sure to get your order in so you don't miss out!

Menu for Delivery Dates April 20-21

(we will select your order from these items each week unless you add a note at checkout to specifically choose the meals you want to make up your order)

New Menu Items this Week!


  • Felafel quinoa casserole - a blend of veggies, fresh made chickpea felafel, canadian-grown quinoa and a savoury tahini sauce. NO ADDED GLUTEN, VEGAN/DAIRY FREE
  • Asian Stir Fry on Brown Rice - Asian style flavours on thinly sliced seasonal veggies with Tofu, a flavour filled sauce and brown rice. VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN
  • Lentil, Black Bean and Mushroom loaf - a meat free “meatloaf” filled with minced veggies, sauteed lentils, and mushrooms. Served as slices with mashed potato, veggies and gravy. NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE


  • Pork and Beans - Marinated and roasted pork loin served with our sweet and savoury baked beans and potatoes.  NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE
  • Turkey Leftover Plate - roast turkey, veggies, mash, gravy…. Need we say more?  NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE, FREE RUN
  • Omnivore's Meat Loaf - a non-traditional meatloaf filled with minced veggies as well as 21 day aged grass fed ground beef.  Served as slices with mashed potato, veggies and gravy. NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE, GRASS FED



Sweet potato and tomato - VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN

Carrot and Dill “icious” - VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN


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