Menus for April 6-7th now LIVE!

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We just sent out all kinds of meals to our Fredericton customers for pickup at the Picaroon's Roundhouse and while the rest of the team get's our Saint John meals ready, here's the menu for next week, April 6-7th.

This week is still all new creation (along with our standard recipes) but we are already getting some request to repeat certain dishes and will try to rotate a bit more as of next week.  We LOVE hearing feedback and comments on our products.  We know that everyone's palate is different but the more feedback we get the better we can get towards the perfect meal.  How was the seasoning?  the texture? the amount of veggies or meat?  amount of sauce?  all super important elements that we love to improve on weekly. to check it out!


Menu for Delivery Dates April 6-7

(we will select your order from these items each week unless you add a note at checkout to specifically choose the meals you want to make up your order)

New Menu Items this Week!


  • Spanish Tortilla – layers of seasoned and layered potato, egg, and veggies. VEGETARIAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN
  • Hearty Lentil Ragout – flavourful combination of lentils, winter veggies, portabello mushrooms and potatoes. VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN
  • Sweet and Savoury Baked Beans - a more complex flavour with elements of sweet molasses and savoury tomato spice.  Infused with a few heirloom carrots and able to be enjoyed as a meal or robust side dish.  VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN  


  • Chicken Fricot (without dumplings) – Traditional Acadian favourite with summer savoury, potatoes, veggies and pasture raised chicken in a flavourful stew served with . PASTURED, NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE
  • Beef and Sweet Potato Paprikash – Layers of local, organic sweet potato and a zesty tomato and ground beef sauce. NO ADDED GLUTEN, GRASS FED, DAIRY FREE
  • Roast Beef Dinner – Classic Meat, veg and Potatoes dish with a rich gluten free gravy. NO ADDED GLUTEN, GRASS FED, DAIRY FREE


  • Cream of Fiddlehead - VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN
  • Squash Bisque - VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN
  • Potato Leek - VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN


We have some standard recipes for meals and soups that are also available, check out the website to learn more.


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