Sequoia's Locavore Meals Program

Sequoia's Locavore Meals Program, Now Available at ALL Moncton Locations!

Sequoia Stores and Locavore Foods are striving to bring you the tastiest, most convenient and most locally sourced prepared meals you can find in NB.  All meals are made from scratch and from whole foods.

  • Menu changes weekly and we encourage you to tailor your order to your particular tastes and diet.
  • All meals are made fresh and then blast frozen for optimal quality and storage as you receive them.  
  • Meals are all ready to "heat and eat" from either thawed or frozen as you choose.  
  • Order as late as Tuesday PM for deliveries/pickups on Friday each week.  
  • New menus published on Wednesdays each week.
  • Set up re-occuring orders or pre-pay for orders to receive discounts!
  • and why not send meals to a friend?

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