6 Locally Inspired Prepared Meals - Individual Sized and Microwaveable

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The Locavore Foods Kitchen strives to create the tastiest, most convenient and most locally sourced prepared meals you can find in NB. There are standard meals available every week and a unique special created and announced each Thursday for the following week.  We encourage you to tailor your order to your particular tastes and diet.

All meals are made fresh and then blast frozen for optimal quality and storage as you receive them.  Meals are all ready to "heat and eat" from either thawed or frozen as you choose.  

FREE HOME/OFFICE DELIVERY WITHIN 'LOCAVORE-VILLE' - Delivery within our delivery area is now included in your meal price; if you wish to pickup at the Picaroons Roundhouse in Fredericton or the Locavore Cafe in SJ, please make that your 'shipping' address when placing an order! 

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Menu for Delivery Dates - September 21 & 22

(we will select your order from these items each week unless you add a note at checkout to specifically choose the meals you want to make up your order)

New Menu Items this Week!


  • Zesty Burrito Bowl - A tex-mex style blend of veggies, tomatoes, brown rice, black beans and our own in-house black bean burger! VEGAN (contains breadcrumbs)


  • Greek Donair Plate - House made grass fed donair meat, a mix of roasted tomatoes and carmelized onion and roasted greek potatoes. NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE

          Standard Recipes available every week.

          • Lentil Cottage Pie - Garlic sauteed lentils, and a blend of seasonal winter veggies topped with a dairy free mashed potatoes. - NO ADDED GLUTEN, VEGAN/DAIRY FREE
          • Chickpea Curry - House South-Western Indian curry sauce with carrots, sweet potatoes, tender chick peas and served with brown rice. NO ADDED GLUTEN, VEGAN/DAIRY FREE
          • Veggie Chili Bake on Roasted New Potatoes - Hearty veg chili served on roasted potatoes.  VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN
          • Asian Tofu Stir Fry - a seasonal blend of veggies with tofu and a mild Asian sauce.  Served with brown rice.  VEGAN, NO ADDED GLUTEN


          • Beef Cottage Pie - Grass Fed 21 day aged ground beef sauteed with onions, carrots and garlic and topped with a dairy free mashed potatoes. NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE
          • Sloppy Joes on Roasted New Potatoes – A zesty tomato and grass fed beef sauce on roasted baby potatoes.GRASS FED,  NO ADDED GLUTEN, DAIRY FREE
          • Chicken Fricot Pot Pie - a hearty blend of local chicken, seasonal veggies and a summer savoury infused gravy topped with a homestyle biscuit top. 
          • BBQ Pulled Pork Plate - Slow braised pork with our house Picaroons Irish Red BBQ sauce, roasted potatoes, and homestyle biscuits.

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